It’s time to enroll in Know Your Numbers, The Christ Hospital’s employee wellness program.

Register NOW and schedule your biometric screening at 

Taking care of yourself is more important now than ever. When you care for yourself, you have more power to be there for your loved ones, give your best to patients, and live your healthiest, happiest life—even during challenging times. Know Your Numbers is here to help. We think you’ll love this year’s program enhancements:

Qualifying for the Medical Premium Discount is Easier Than Ever

To qualify, register your wellness account and complete the items below by August 31, 2021.

  1. Register now at from any device using your TCH employee email address
    —OR— What for an email from with your activation link.

  2. Complete your online Personal Health Survey.

    Submission of Biometrics (results are always 100% confidential). This can be done by attending an onsite biometric screening or going to your Primary Care Provider (PCP). To complete Submission of Biometrics, either:

    • Schedule an onsite screening and results are automatically submitted for you by the TCH Workforce Wellness team.
    • Visit your PCP and have them complete the PCP Biometric Data Form. Go to for the required forms and instructions for submitting your forms when they are completed.

If you complete these items by August 31, 2021, you will have fulfilled all requirements to be eligible for medical premium reductions in 2022.

Spouses and domestic partners are not required to participate in the program this year.
However, spouses and domestic partners that are TCH employees and benefits eligible are encouraged to participate should they need to pick up coverage.


New Portal! New Wellness Challenges! New App!

Take your power and challenge yourself to be healthier. Our new wellness portal features fun tools and challenges to help you build healthy habits over time. Work from the website, or download the app for ongoing coaching notes and motivation. You can even sync your personal fitness device. The portal is available to spouses and domestic partners too!

Check out the optional education available through the University Library at

Knowledge is power.
Action is powerful.
Take your power.

Know Your Numbers is 100 percent voluntary. The screenings are free, the savings are big, and your results are completely confidential. With knowledge about your health, you can take informed action. Small actions add up to big results, and our new challenges are here to help. Know Your Numbers is here for YOU. Why not participate?

If you are eligible for benefits but not covered through The Christ Hospital medical plan, or are currently covered under another TCH employee’s medical plan, we encourage you to enroll in the program and submit your biometric screening by August 31, 2021. That way, if life changes and you need insurance next year, you’ll be all set for the discounted rates.




Available Resources:


If you have additional questions, please contact / 513-263-1500

Last Updated: 02/23/2021