What’s New and Changing in 2023!

All of the benefit enhancements and changes in 2023 are a direct result of the valuable feedback that you have provided over the past several months.   Below is just a summary of what is changing in 2023.  Check out the 2023 Benefits Guides or review the individual benefit pages for full details on TCHHN's 2023 benefits offerings.

Premium Rates

There are no Medical premium increases for team members who participate in one of the TCHHN Primary Care Provider plans. The Dental premiums are also not changing.  Click the below links to see the 2023 premium rates.

Paydhealth Specialty Drug Savings Program

If you take a specialty medication, then you probably know how expensive they can be.    This program helps you lower your healthcare costs by seeking sources of alternate funding for select specialty drugs.

New Dental Provider

Effective 1/1/2023, Delta Dental will be our dental care provider. There will still be a Core & Buy-Up plan to choose from.  Click here for more information on the benefits available through Delta Dental.

New Vision Buy-Up Option

Effective 1/1/2023, we will be offering a second buy-up option for vision benefits that has higher frames & contact lens allowances, a lower exam copay, and a 12-month frame frequency.  Click here for a side-by-side comparison of the vision plans.

Additional Services for Medicare Eligible Team Members

Enhanced Dependent Eligibility:  Effective January 1, 2023, team members who are enrolled in Medicare will be able to enroll otherwise eligible dependents on the TCHHN medical plans.

AMWINS Medicare Concierge Service:  This is a service that is available to Medicare eligible team members and their Medicare eligible dependents to help select the best health insurance option based on your unique circumstances and budget. They’ll help compare the TCHHN health plans to all the Medicare options and can even help you enroll in one of the Medicare options.

ALEX Decision Support Tool

Take the guesswork out of picking your plans.  The ALEX decision support tool can help you review your options and find the best, most affordable coverage for your needs.

Fully Paid Parental Leave

Effective 1/1/2023, TCHHN will offer fully paid parental leave for both birth parents and non-birth parents.  More details will be shared on this benefit when the policy is released (end of 2022).


Annual Benefits Enrollment

Annual Benefits Enrollment is October 1, 2022 - October 31, 2022. Benefits elected during this period become effective January 1, 2023.  All benefits-eligible team members should actively submit their 2023 benefits election-even if you want to keep your current coverage.

To enroll in your 2023 benefits, go to TCHpoint on your internet browser OR in the mobile app.

Instructions to Enroll

Medical, dental, vision, HSA/FSA, and voluntary life & AD&D enrollment is available in TCHpoint. Follow the below instructions to make those elections.

To enroll in Accident, Critical Illness, Hospital Indemnity, or Whole Life insurance, follow these instructions.

TCHpoint Instructions

  1. From your internet browser, click on the “TCH Links” folder on your bookmarks bar and select TCHpoint. You also can use the TCHpoint App
  2. Log in using your single sign-on credentials.
  3. Click on the Home icon to go to your dashboard

Once you’re signed in, you can use Guided Learning to help navigate through your enrollment or go through it alone

With the Guided Learning Tool

    1. Click on the guided learning icon on the right side of your homepage.
    2. Type “Benefits Annual Enrollment” in the Guided Learning tool
    3. Follow the prompts

Without Guided Learning

    1. Select Benefits > Make Changes
    2. Confirm all dependent information is entered accurately
    3. Click the "Continue" button to begin enrolling.
    4. Your current elections will be pre-populated, except for the HSA and FSA contribution elections. HSA and FSA
    5. For each plan type, click the ‘Edit’ button to change your elections and covered dependents. Make your elections for that plan type and click the ‘Continue’ button to return to the main page.
    6. Once you’ve made all your plan elections, click the ‘Submit’ button to finish your enrollment.