Basic Life Insurance, Voluntary Life Insurance, and Voluntary AD&D

Basic Life Insurance (paid by TCHHN)

This coverage helps ensure your loved ones have sufficient income in case of a death or serious accident during your length of employment at The Christ Hospital.

Coverage ForCoverage AmountBenefit Maximum
Part-time employees (FTE=0.5 - 0.7999)1 x your annual earnings$1,000,000
Full-time employees (FTE=0.8 - 1.0)1.5 x your annual earnings$1,000,000
Full-time management & medical residents2 x your annual earnings$1,000,000
Full-time vice presidents & physicians3 x your annual earnings$1,000,000

Beneficiary Designation & Evidence of Insurability

The Standard's Online Beneficiary Designation System

Your secure gateway for designating beneficiaries online at

  • Designate primary and contingent beneficiaries
  • Print a summary of your designations

This site is available 24/7. For system related questions on designating beneficiaries, please call 1-844-688-1373.

To access step-by-step instructions on how to designate a beneficiary, please click here.

View the Life Insurance Beneficiary Designation FAQ here

Evidence of Insurability

In certain instances, you may be required to complete an Evidence of Insurability (EOI).   If required, you can complete the information online using the information below.

Voluntary Life and Voluntary AD&D Insurance (paid by employee)

For additional income protection, you may also choose to purchase voluntary life and AD&D insurance for yourself and for your spouse or domestic partner and/or children. If you are a newly benefits-eligible employee, you have the option to purchase voluntary life insurance during your initial 30-day benefit election period without having to provide evidence of insurability (EOI), as follows:

Voluntary Life Insurance

Coverage ForCoverage AmountBenefit Maximum
You1 to 5 x your annual earnings$1,500,000 or 5 x your annual earnings, whichever is less
Your dependent spouse/domestic partner$10,000, $25,000 or $50,000N/A
Your dependent children under age 26$5,000 or  $10,000N/A

Voluntary AD&D Insurance

Coverage ForCoverage AmountBenefit Maximum
YouAny $50,000 increment$250,000
Your dependent spouse/domestic partner only50%$250,000
Your dependent children under age 26 only15%$250,000
Your dependent spouse/domestic partner & dependent children under age 2640% & 10%$250,000

Voluntary Life and AD&D Rates

To discover more about Voluntary Life Insurance please click here.

To discover more about Voluntary AD&D please click here.

To view the Voluntary Life certificate please click here. To view the Voluntary AD&D certificate click here.

To complete the Evidence of Insurability (EOI), please click here (Group Policy Number:  756491-A).

If you are outside of your initial 30-day benefit election period and you wish to make changes to, or elect Voluntary Life or AD&D please contact the Total Value team at 513-263-1500.