2023 Dental

Beginning January 1, 2023, TCHHN’s new dental care provider will be Delta Dental. Delta Dental is one of the top dental care providers in the nation and has a wide provider network.

The Christ Hospital Health Network still offers two comprehensive dental plan options.

Don’t wait until 2023; go to deltadentaloh.com and find your dentist today!

Dental Plan Networks

Delta Dental offers two types of in-network providers:  Delta Dental PPO and Delta Dental Premier dentists.   While both the Dental PPO and Delta Dental Premier dentists are in-network providers, members typically have lower out-of-pocket costs when they see a Delta Dental PPO dentist.   Click here for an example of how they work.


Additional Benefit Information


If you have additional questions regarding the dental benefits or eligibility, please each out to your Total Value Team at TotalValue@thechristhospital.com.